Our goal is to feature speakers from all walks of life who strive to bring peace to disruption, order to chaos, and cohesiveness to the disarray of the current world.

Created by a team of high schoolers with a vision to impact their community, CCA UNITE seeks to inspire and impact the next generation as the world around us continues to change dynamically. Enjoy captivating and engaging talks by some of today's leaders, performances by talented young people, and activities designed to foster connections for a day to remember.

Featured Speakers

Janelle Lynnae

Janelle Lynnae is the Founder of Next Level Confident.

She is a Confidence Coach, national speaker, thought leader and corporate workshop facilitator that teaches women how to shift negative thoughts patterns into empowered, confident ways of thinking & being.

Her mission is to help every woman step into her power and see herself as the valuable badass she is to this world. Janelle primarily works with women in male dominated industries, such as Cisco, Pinterest, and Women in Product, giving concrete tools to building women's confidence muscle in order to make more money and have more intentional relationships.

Beata Mierzwa

Beata Mierzwa is a molecular biologist and science artist.

Beata Mierzwa studies how human cells divide and shares the beauty of science through art and fashion. Her postdoctoral research aims to advance the world's understanding of cell divisionand improve cancer therapy. Beyond her academic career, Beata creates science-themed drawings and clothes. Her hand-drawn illustrations use metaphor to portray scientific concepts in intuitive ways, while her microscopy fashion celebrates the beauty of the molecular world.

She also created a science video game, Microscopya, that invites players to explore the beauty inside our cells. Through her AAAS IF/THEN Ambassadorship for science outreach and her work with Young Women in Bio - Southern California, she aims to inspire creative students to pursue careers in STEM.

Michi Synn

Michi Synn is the president, CEO, and Co-Founder of Annihihate, Inc.

Melinda "Michi" Synn is a first-generation Asian American (Chinese/Korean) who is passionate about fighting systemic racism. Michi is finishing her freshman year at Canyon Crest Academy (CCA), where she serves on the Raven Advisory Board (staff nominated "leaders among leaders") and competes on CCA's Speech & Debate Team. Michi and her debate partner, junior Ishan Deshpande, were the only CCA team who qualified and debated at the prestigious National Tournament of Champions (TOC) in April. They finished 11° overall in silver Public Forum (sPF) and had a 6-1 prelims record.

Michi was the 3% place individual speaker at the 2022 National TOC in sPF (as a freshman!). Michi is the "Super Brain" of the champion team that won NBC's Genius Junior prime time competition and has been recognized as a Carson Scholar for 4 consecutive years. Michi tutors younger kids. In her spare time, Michi loves to bake and make friendship bracelets.