Our Story

In 2017, juniors Aadil Rehan and Melody Li and sophomore Catherine Zhang founded UNITE. Ever since, UNITE has been an annual event serving students, parents, and community members. We seek to spread the spirit of innovation and discovery through the unification of the many different individuals attending, and are proud to feature an opportunity for students and speakers alike to inspire and be inspired.

Our Team

Logistics Committee

Aysu Saglam

Logistics Executive

Aksel Kukkonen
Audrey Shao
Pia Delouri

Speakers Committee

Bettina Zhang

Speakers Executive

Brooke Koliander
Sachel Jetly
Sean Kuo

Sponsors Committee

Amanda Chen

Sponsors Executive

Eecho Yuan
Guy Starr
Olivia Wu

Outreach Committee

Karina Parikh

Outreach Executive

Emily Zhang
Katy Tseng
Tara Rezaei